Different results from duckling.wit.ai and local

Hi, I am using Duckling API for parsing date along with rasa NLU.

I’m calling the Duckling with this string "Mumbai Sales may’ and the result of the Duckling API is .

To make this call I’m using the “rasa/duckling” docker image and passing locale as “en_IN”.

But, when I pass the same string to the duckling.wit.ai the result is correct

How can this be resolved?

Which version of duckling docker duckling.wit.ai is using?

How can I get the ducking docker version I am running?

Please help.

Hi @Anurag53,

Is this from parsing with the docker image directly or through an NLU model with the DucklingHTTPExtractor?

Hi @MetcalfeTom,

Parsing with the docker image directly.