Difference between Rasa Tracker Store and Rasa X SqlDb

Hi, I’m new to Rasa and Rasa X. I’m trying to figure out things. I have installed Rasa and Rasa X (local mode). I have configured the MongoDB tracker store. I’m trying to understand what is the purpose of Rasa X’s SqlDB. I feel like both Tracker Store and SqlDB might have the same data. From the documentation, SqlDB is used to store events from events brokers for other analytics and data annotation. For reviewing and data annotation tracker store works as I’m able to see the data from rasa x and rasa bot(using chatbot widget) in the Tracker Store(Mongo DB). Am I missing something? @Juste @fede @rctatman

Thanks you.

Hi Satya and welcome to the forum,

The Rasa X SQL DB has it’s own copy of the tracker store and it also has a copy of the training data from your git repo.

When you use Rasa X as part of your CDD process you are also tagging conversations and updating your training data. All of this info is kept in SQL.