Deploying the rasa webchat on server

Hi, I can run the rasa webchat successfully on localhost and it communicates correctly with my locally implemented rasa server. But the issue arises when I call the following command(same command which leads to successful connection) on server: npx webpack-dev-server --config --port 8000 It says it has been compiled successfully but when I call the same port like this: myserverip:8000 I don’t get any result(it does not load). Could you please give me a detailed instruction on how to implement it on server? (BTW, my server is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)

In addition, when I use the webchat-0.5.8.js script and mimic the example you’ve provided I get an error like this in the browser console: Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at http://SV-ipAddress-WAS-HERE:8080/ (Reason: Multiple CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ not allowed). Although I have run RASA by rasa run --enable-api --cors "*" --debug --port 8080 --endpoints endpoints.yml I get this CORS error! Same command on localhost works perfectly well! I am looking forward to hearing from you guys Thanks in advance

Hello @alphaisnice,

This most likely is not a Rasa issue and we aren’t the support structure for that project unfortunately. I see there is already an issue filed against that repo Deploying the rasa webchat on server · Issue #129 · mrbot-ai/rasa-webchat · GitHub seems like word for word what is here, is that your issue?

If this works locally then I don’t believe Rasa is the issue but maybe the CORS piece in your webpack/frontend Rasa Chat part. I can double check trying this but this doesn’t sound like a Rasa server issue.

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I also just tested this with a basic setup locally and seems fine so I believe this is something in that other project not rasa

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Thanks for your reply. Yes. That’s the issue I have created on their github page. The problem is I don’t exactly know what’s the root of CORS problem! I could not find a practical way to debug the software while its running. Another question which might not be directly related to the topic,

What is the standard way for deploying rasa chatbot on a server? Is it rasa run command provided CLI itself or I should deploy a dedicated webserver like Nginx?