Deploy RASA to any environment

Hey this is Murugan , i can deploy RASA to EC2 instance successfully … but in kubernetes containers it works, but custom action is not working in containers… is there is any restriction in opensource rasa in different environment

There shouldn’t be any restrictions. You should be able to deploy Rasa in Kubernetes. What kind of error do you get? Can you explain your setup in more detail?

Thanks @Tanja for your reply , my problem is Custom action is hitting other API and getting results, but that result is not return back to rasa CORE , …but same code works in EC2 instance , its working well, hitting and returning response good. but not in kubernetes

what’s the error on K8s? Did you define a service resource the action deployment?

its not an error , it will hitting api getting response (consol i will be monitoring) but it will not showing in front end ,i.e not returning in rasa core

@murugan Could please elaborate a bit on your last answer? I need some help understanding this.

My custom action is not working in in kubernetes containers. but normally working in local system and EC2 instance …wat wass the issue??