Defining utterances for duel intents

I am getting a tonne of these warning in my train…

UserWarning: Your training data contains an example 'yea ok. are you a bot' for the affirm+chitchat/bot_challenge intent. 

You either need to add a response phrase or correct the intent for this example in your training data. 

If you intend to use Response Selector in the pipeline, the training may fail.

But my stories dont require an utterance when this duel intent is detected anywhere because i always follow it with two actions. one to respond to the chitchat and one to respond to the action itself… for example:

  - intent: affirm+chitchat
  - action: utter_chitchat
  - action: doublespeak__ask_if_buyer_wants_agent_to_call

Despite the warnings - does anyone see any issue with my approach (or how to at least keep the warnings supressed?)