Customize rasa-x interface (colors, ...)?

Hello, I installed RASA as prototype to replace dialogflow. I just installed also RASA-X so the users can train the model before to use it in production. And it works just fine for me ! Integration is almost finished. Great job RASA team !

My point is that I duplicated 3 times the whole setup because we have the same bot in French, English and Dutch (and maybe soon German).

Is there any way to differentiate the interface of RASA-X so the users know immediately in which bot they are working ? (example : change the color via CSS or have a bot name appearing somewhere). I imagined a system of iframe to add a header but it is not really a best practice …

Any suggestion welcome …

Right now there’s no way to do that, but that’s an interesting idea!

I’m sorry, to this point where is it possible to find out about RASA policies related to UI, color schemes and branding? Thanks

Hi Folks, there is any solution to customize the Rasa X ui component? It will be really great if share those details