Customer converse with multiple lines


I am building a chatbot for one of our client.

customer (bot users) generally converses with multiple lines (that is before bot get a chance to reply, customer keep asking for things ):


customer - I want to know xyz customer - please tell me this also customer - delivery duration is also important

How do I handle this?

I don’t think there is a native connector for that in Rasa, you can use sockets and queue handling to react to this.

a very powerful distributed queque processor is celery but this means you would have to create the handler yourself.

A queque can pool in messages and adds a delay after which the tasks(individual user messages) can be processed and thus your handler awaits the results before pushing it back to the front-end in an asynchronous way. your front end must then add the concept of polling the endpoints to retrieve the results

This could help - Custom Connectors

But adding a queque of processing messages is tricky and of course complicated but that is indeed a very native handling of messages.

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Yes Souvik. It helps!