Custom sentence embedding component

Hi, I have created a ‘sentence-similarity’ model using ‘sentence_transformers’.

I want to use this model in my pipeline as a custom Featurizer and create embeddings for each sentence, then combine those vectors with vectors produced using CountVectorsFeaturizer(I read somewhere it’s good to use special words of our domain using CountVectorFeaturizer).

I have WhitespaceTokenizer and DIETClassifier in my pipeline and I want to use my custom component between them but I read that, DIETClassifier gets embeddings for each word and doesn’t get embedding of the whole sentence.

I’m stuck and I have no idea what to do. How can I implement my Featurizer (I am working with rasa 2.3.1)? Should I change my tokenizer so that it tokenizes sentences? And can I concatenate sentence embedding from sentence transformer and word embedding from CountVectorFeaturizer and feed them to DIETClassifier? If not, which intent classifier and entity extractor I can use instead?

I appreciate any help :pray: