Custom Actions with user interaction

(André) #1

Hi there,

I recently started building my chat assistant on RASA and i’m looking for a way for users to perform feedback/interaction with the bot within a custom action.

Let me paint a scenario:

I’m scheduling a meeting with a colleague in meetingroom A at 10 AM. The Assistant can recognize the entities and intents fine.

Now i want to schedule a second meeting, with the same colleague, in meetingroom B at 11 AM. I can either run the bot again, or give new input with all new entities

Is there a way for me let the action “schedule meeting” ask me if i want to keep any data when scheduling a new meeting?

So basically can i interact with the assistant within an action? Could it ask me when triggered for a new meeting “do you want to plan it in meetingroom A again?” and wait for my answer? Or should i configure different custom actions and learn it use them in a row?

(Akela Drissner) #2

You would have to do this with calling custom actions and setting slots through them to decide what to do next. So yeah, configure custom actions and learn it use them in a row