how to use CrfEntityExtractor for particular entity to Extract?

  1. how can I mention it in my .config file or do I need to mention it in .md data file?

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Hi @shubham

sounds like a “normal” entity extraction task. The CrfEntitiyExtractor is the correct pipeline element for achieving that.

Entities that need to be extracted have to be defined in (or at least in the training data) like documented here:

If you want to take a look upon the different possibilities with other extractors, read about them here:

Mostly or for example for predefined and thus reusable entities.

A minimal sample for a particular entity is provided in the documentation:

## intent:check_balance
- what is my balance <!-- no entity -->
- how much do I have on my [savings](source_account) <!-- entity "source_account" has value "savings" -->
- how much do I have on my [savings account](source_account:savings) <!-- synonyms, method 1-->
- Could I pay in [yen](currency)?  <!-- entity matched by lookup table -->

Tell me, if you got problems with that!


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