ConsoleInputChannel error

from rasa_core.channels.console import ConsoleInputChannel ImportError: cannot import name ‘ConsoleInputChannel’

Which input channel can replace ConsoleInputChannel ?

My code:

def run(serve_forever=True):

 agent = Agent.load("projects/dialogue",
 if serve_forever:

 return agent

why can’t I use ConsoleInputChannel ? Which channel I should use to replcae it ?

ConsoleInputChannel got deprecated in Rasa Core v0.11. Which version of the Rasa Core are you running?

I git clone from the current master branch.

Right, so you are using the latest version of Rasa Core which doesn’t have the class ConsoleInputChannel anymore. You can either install the Rasa Core versions < v0.11 or update your code to be compatible with the latest release of Rasa Core. If you can share the code or the function which you are running, I can help you make the changes :slight_smile:

This should be included in Chat & Voice platforms with how to replace python -m ... I’m guessing it should look like:

from rasa_core.channels.console import CmdlineInput

but that does not seem to work as it’s not taking any input…