Connect Rasa Chabot to Website

Hello, I’m trying to connect a chatbot that I customized from the retail-demo template to a live website. At the moment, when I run the bot it connects to localhost. How can I change that to connect to a website specifically Wix or Shopify website? Can anyone help or provide steps on connecting to a live site? Thanks!

You would add a chatbot widget to your website. There’s a post of the various widgets available here.

Hey Greg, thank you for providing the Rasa Doc link. Glad I was troubleshooting in the right direction because I have been looking at the Website documentation on Rasa for the last couple of days. Even with the Chatbot widget, I will still need to input code from the body correct?

I added the chatbot widget and it shows on the site now. Will I need to convert the tar.gz file into a js file for the src section?