Conjugating entity words


I have managed to create my own chatbot with Rasa NLU with quite a small chat data set I used to train it with. It is not publicly available yet.

Rasa NLU is using tensorflow as the NLU pipeline and the language is english. I am able to extract entities and I’m using them for some simple keyword search functionality using JS.

I was wondering if I could conjugate the found entity words with some piece of Rasa stack. For example if the found entity was “reading” or “reads”, it could be conjugated to “read”. Other examples could be “creation” -> “create” and “books” -> book. So I would like to return the entity words to their basic form.

Sure there is other software solutions for this kind of functionality but I’d like to make sure this could be done with Rasa stack already somehow.

Have you looked at synonyms? Training Data Format