Configure rasa time zones?

I Installed rasa x (CE) to a server using docker as outlined in the documentation.

Out of the box, the message timing was all garbled. I found that I had to set the timezone on the server (ubuntu vm) to GMT.

I saw some forum posts about setting a timezone in the model configuration section of rasa x, but that did not resolved the issue and instead created polling issues while chatting with the bot in rasa x.

Are there other places that the timezones are configurable, or is it recommended to keep the server on GMT?

Can you specify what happened in detail?

Yeah, It was just that the messages would appear out of order in the rasa x chat interface. So I could ask a question, see the typing indicator, then no answer shows up below the question. If you scroll up in the chat you can find the answer that was just hours in the past.

The webchat always showed them in order of a timestamp, but the timestamp of the sent messages and received messages were not in sync.