Collect multiple user input and update variable in action

Hi guys! I am beginning with rasa. I would like to build a bot which is asking a bunch of questions to the user, collect the responses from the user and compute a score for each response. the following question of the bot depend on the previous score (from all the previous response) At the end i should compute an overall score.Since i need to collect the whole user input, i don’t think i could use the method get.slot. Also i am wondering how to handle such an operation within a single action. I was thinking about something like : def run(dispatcher,tracker,domain): while tracker.latest.message.text() != ‘bye’ user_input = tracker.latest.message.text() score += get_score(user_input) if score < 10: dispatcher.utter_message('New question) else: dispatcher.utter_message(‘Your score is good’) I am not sure. Your help and suggestion are welcomed

i too have same query can anyone please help