Classify exact match on training data with Regex

There are a select set of utterances in the training data & the test data that need to be interecepted with an exact match if it is found instead of being run through the Diet classifier. How can I do this?

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Can you share some examples and also rasa version?

@nik202, yes. This is because these are buttons in the UI that the front end team has created. So The response should be/is the same every time.

@rockin are you able to get the response that you expected when the user asks the query: “I would like to talk to the manager” yes or no?

@rockin have you updated the previous posts you had shared?

Please decide the topic and query first.


@nik202 what topic do you suggest? I thought open source was appropriate since Im using the open source library.

–edit: Ok I misunderstood the above. Yes I looked at previous topic posts. I see things for entities but not intents as far as regex is concerned. No idea how to make this work for intents