Class without a object

not a question but just out of curiosity. In rasa custom action we are creating the class only but not it’s objects. As per the OOPS concept, a class is nothing unless its object is created. So I think rasa creates the objects of all the class and matches with the action of intent and executes the when the intent is called.

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Hi @capgos17,

I will divide this curiosity into two parts to add more info:

  1. Types of Rasa Actions:

Everything begins on rasa_sdk and after reaching Rasa, there is possible to return an instance of each kind of action Here, in case of user messages, Rasa will instance a RemoteAction object. These objects will be used in other parts of Rasa.

  1. How the actions are executed by name:

When you are executing an Action, rasa_sdk is executed and the run method is called and checks if the next_action match one of the custom actions and more information are added to this action e.g. tracker data.

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