Channel specific utterances not working with facebook and other custom channels

I tried changing the channel-specific utterances in the domain file as per the domain documentation for slack, I replicated the same with Facebook and my custom channel. the assistant is not replying also o have mentioned the correct name of the class in the channel of Fb is facebook

Do I have to create separate utter for every channel or can I just nest the multiple channel: key in same utterance.

below is the template from documentation

      - text: "Which game would you like to play?"
        channel: "slack"
          -  payload for Slack dropdown menu to choose a game
      - text: "Which game would you like to play?"
        - title: "Chess"
          payload: '/inform{"game": "chess"}'
        - title: "Checkers"
          payload: '/inform{"game": "checkers"}'
        - title: "Fortnite"
          payload: '/inform{"game": "fortnite"}'

Hi there @anuragchaudhary, the channel specific utterances are created as custom json, and the format depends on the API called. So this Slack example has a specific setup, the format for which slack can read, in this case the dropdown menu found here. Facebook won’t know what to do with this information, since it’s not a format it’s used to parsing. You can look here for messenger-specific request formats. I would recommend you do step 2 of this response first to make sure you have the channel-specific utternaces working before using the custom field to make the output look fancy in a platform-native format.

In regards to your second question, you can next multiple channels under one utterance. for example:

    - channel: "slack"
      text: "You're talking to me on slack!"
    - channel: "facebook"
      text: "You're talking to me on facebook!"
    - text "This is a default one. If you're talking to me anywhere except facebook or slack, I'll respond with this message!

Hope that helps.

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Hi @erohmensing I have figured out the same and it works like a charm. Is it possible to have the channel specific custom actions?