Change the /tmp folder path in RASA

Hi All,

I trained a model using this command:

rasa train 

This created a .tar.gz in my models folder.

Then I started the rasa server with the following command:

rasa run --debug

The above commands tried to unzip this .tar.gz model and use /tmp folder to keep the unzipped model files and creates multiple .py files, I want to change this /tmp directory to some other directory.

Below are the screenshots of /tmp folder .py files and rasa run --debug :-

rasa run --debug screenshots :-

/tmp folder .py files screenshots:-

How I can change this /tmp directory to some other directory, can anyone please suggest me

Thanks in Advanced :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! :smiley: I think it’s not possible because this is a rasa core function

Maybe you can try something using rasa binary repository and build own custom rasa version but, I believe this not a good way because de future rasa update

You can change models path, but the extracted path… I think isn’t possible.

Maybe @amn41 can explain better :smiley:

@naveensiwas can you explain why you want to change this? As João says, you’d probably have to fork the codebase. But I’m curious why the tmp folder matters.

@amn41 When we (@naveensiwas and I ) try to run the model, the model is creating a lot of temp files and this is hogging the temp folder. At times taking up upwards of 50% of the available memory. We hence wanted to see of the temp folder can be changed to a place where more space is available.

Hi @amn41,

My /tmp folder has only 1GB of space and there are some other script which are running on same server and utilizing the /tmp folder, many time I have faced memory issue while running rasa.

Due to some restrictions, Infra Team can’t increase size of /tmp folder, they suggest instead use a directory where more space is available

I have raise this request long back, can anyone please help me on this.

Any idea how to change /tmp folder path in RASA ?

Is it possible to change the mount point of /tmp folder or not, please confirm ?

Thanks in Advanced.

hi @naveensiwas - to my knowledge there is no configuration option for this out of the box, so your best bet is to modify the codebase yourself to make this change (either hard-coding a different value or making it configurable)

Thank you so much for your response @amn41 I will try it out.

Have a nice day ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

@naveensiwas .Can you give an idea how to train a model within 1 minutes.

e.g I have 30 intents each consisting of 17 examples if I add one more intent it takes me around 3-4 minutes in GPU and 4-6 miutes in CPU to train the model. So ,for a decent size server 4-5 minutes to train my models having around 30 intents is best time.

Hi @kalpa916,

What kind of training data you have, is it static only which doesn’t have any entities in it or training data with entities ?

training data with entities

Try lookup table approach to reduce the training data size.

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hi @naveensiwas how to specify path of lookup table.I am specifying in this way to nlu file in this manner ` lookup:country |

  • data\lookups\countries.txt `

but it is unable to detect the path saying in terminal !! I think you have used I have 20k records to maintain in the countries.txt file.How to do that. Also do we have to mention in any other file while I am using text file for lookups.

Please follow this article it will help you for sure and this for choosing pipeline component to work with lookup table.

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thanks dear !! the file path should be 1. `data\nlu\lookups\countries.yml

Hi @kalpa916,

Good to see that you have found the solution and all the best for your project.

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