Change incoming user message in rasa 3.2.7

Hello, I’m trying to change incoming message of the user in custom component added to pipeline. Component works when returning unchanged message, so it’s working properly, but I don’t know how to set message parameter. I want to totally override incoming message with different string. My component looks like this:

# TODO: Correctly register your component with its type
    [DefaultV1Recipe.ComponentType.INTENT_CLASSIFIER], is_trainable=True
class Translate(GraphComponent):
    def create(
        config: Dict[Text, Any],
        model_storage: ModelStorage,
        resource: Resource,
        execution_context: ExecutionContext,
    ) -> GraphComponent:
        # TODO: Implement this

    def train(self, training_data: TrainingData) -> Resource:
        # TODO: Implement this if your component requires training

    def process_training_data(self, training_data: TrainingData) -> TrainingData:
        # TODO: Implement this if your component augments the training data with
        #       tokens or message features which are used by other components
        #       during training.

        return training_data

    def process(self, messages: List[Message]) -> List[Message]:
        # TODO: This is the method which Rasa Open Source will call during inference.

        messages.text = translator.translate(messages, src="es", dest="en").text

        return messages

But seems like this solution doesn’t work. Neither does this one:

        changed = translator.translate("custom message, dosnt matter", src="es", dest="en").text
        messages.set('text', changed, add_to_output = True)

Throwed error:

rasa.engine.exceptions.GraphComponentException: Error running graph component for node run_translation.Translate0.

Got it. Here’s the solution, maybe it helps someone:

    def process(self, messages: List[Message]) -> List[Message]:
        your_text = "just type something"

        for message in messages:
            message.set("text", your_text , add_to_output=True)

        return messages

It completely overrides user incoming message with your_text