Categorized Slot in Form

I need to implement a categorized slot:

slots: work_location: type: categorized values: - Home - Office - Field

I am confused on how to work with this kind of slots:

What kind of training data do I need to provide to capture that information? How to integrate this as a Form required_slot?

From the documentation:

“Note that for this story to work, your slots should be unfeaturized. If any of these slots are featurized, your story needs to include slot{} events to show these slots being set. In that case, the easiest way to create valid stories is to use Interactive Learning.”

I assume you add the slot to the required_slots function of your form.

Another option is to use an unfeaturized slot and a validation function to make sure it only has one of those three values.

In any case, I think you want to change the flow of the conversation based on that slot, so read the part in conditional slot logic.

Thanks Gehová! It seems that it’ll be through validation, in order to enforce the right values out of that set.