Categorical Slot value set whereas not in list


I’ve got a categorical slot defined as follow :

    type: categorical
      - paris
      - grenoble 

And when I say to my bot “aiguillage” for instance here is what I get

* aiguillage{"site":"aiguillage"}
    - slot{"site":"aiguillage"}

Whereas it’s not part of the categorical list above. Is it a normal behaviour ? Should not it be set as “other” or not at all set as entity/slot ?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

slot{"site":"aiguillage"} is string representation of corresponding SlotSet event, it is independent of the type of the slot. Type of the slot is used during featurization

So for featurization, aiguillage is mapped to __other__ as described in the docs. But there’s no validation of the string representation.