Categorical entity checking

I was wondering if there’s a method to check if a entity matches well to a categorical slot value.

Let’s say I have a categorical slot ‘Account’ with values: -checking -savings

Right now, if I mis-spell checking, “cheecking”, the slot fails to figure out that I mean ‘checking’. Is there any way we could account for such mis-spellings? or even synonyms?

It seems like something the NLU should be able to perform.

hey @dpluth you check this conversation :

Validate categorical slot value in Stories and Custom Action

Hope it helps you😃

Hi, thanks, that is an interesting solution.

However I don’t think it really captures the problem fully. I shouldn’t reject the input because of a mis-spelling, I should be able to process it if there is a narrow set of possibilities (like with categorical slots)

i think so you need to train with more NLU data…:sweat_smile: i hope that would solve your problem😃