Can't insert an external event into a conversation in docker-compose rasa x

@akelad I’ve created a docker-compose version of rasa x, with an action server. But at this point I’m trying to insert an external event into it. I have had no success with doing it through curl from outside the docker vm. Inside the rasa_app_1 vm, I get a status code of 200 which is also reported in the rasa-x log, but the event does not appear in the feed. When I run rasa x locally it works fine, its only in the docker-compose version that it doesn’t seem to work. I’d appreciate any advice you might have.

The command I’m using is:

curl -XPOST http://rasa-x:5002/conversations/24bca1f4e47d089105c85559e4431/trigger_intent?output_channel=rasa -d '{"name":"EXTERNAL_GROUP","entites":{"group":"AI"}}'

The conversation id I’m getting from here:

Rasa version: 2.4.0
rasa SDK version 2.4.0
Rasa x Version 0.38.1
python version 3.8.5
OS: Ubuntu

My Dockerfile:

# Extend the official Rasa SDK image
FROM rasa/rasa-sdk:2.3.1

# Use subdirectory as working directory

# Copy any additional custom requirements, if necessary (uncomment next line)
COPY actions/requirements-actions.txt ./

# Change back to root user to install dependencies
USER root

# Install extra requirements for actions code, if necessary (uncomment next line)
RUN pip install -r requirements-actions.txt

# Copy actions folder to working directory
COPY ./actions /app/actions

# By best practices, don't run the code with root user
USER 1001

My domain.yml:

domain.yml (21.2 KB)

My endpoints.yml: endpoints.yml (1.4 KB)

My Docker-compose.override.yml docker-compose.override.yml (163 Bytes)

My docker-compose.yml docker-compose.yml (4.9 KB)

My credentials from /etc/rasacredentials.yml (85 Bytes)