Cannot connect to actions server on cloud

I deployed a RASA chatbot to the cloud (Okteto) and one of my custom actions is to store some info in a MySQL database. It could not run this action because it couldn’t connect to the action server. I included a picture of my RASA log, RASA actions log, my endpoints.yml and docker-compose.yml.

Rasa connects to the action server and the action runs just fine on my local machine, just not the cloud.

Hi! try this image


to connect in the DB you have to do the same thing, i think so. image

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@GigaCalculator can you share all separate screenshots and I guess you have Okteto docker files too?

Do check this video: Deploy your Rasa Chatbot on Cloud for FREE!? - YouTube hopefully it will solve all your issue.

Good Luck!

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This solved the connecting to action server, but how do I add the Okteto IP as an Inbound Rule for AWS so it’s allowed to connect to the database? The SSL endpoint doesn’t work as an inbound rule.