Can someone help me here , the output i wanted was a list but instade it become a sentense

here when i fetch a list of nurses from a database i wanted to be displayed in a table format but instade it displayed like a sentence…can anyone correct me where i did wrong ?

Hi @faiza_conte

Try using markdown language to format your response rather html. Your chat client may not support the html syntax.

Then if I just want it in a list how can I do that…even without the html format I just try to make an output in a list but it become a sentence

Hi @faiza_conte

You need to create a multiline string and pass it to dispatcher.utter_message. Try replacing your for loop with the below code.

message = ""
for i in department_data:
    line = "**" + str(i) + "  \n"
    message = "".join((message, line))