Can not train an intent classifier


rasa.nlu.classifiers.embedding_intent_classifier - Can not train an intent classifier. Need at least 2 different classes. Skipping training of intent classifier.

** i am getting this error when i train Model model are build success but it can’t though error

how many intents do you have?

solved issue thanks for reply but i was another issue let me describe i have One Intent Name is story ## intent :story>

this are the training phase of intent Here this is lookup ##lookup: superhero

  • superhero
  • superman
  • batman
  • iron man
  • thor
  • hulk
  • captain america
  • spiderman
  • groot

Now i am try to tell me about the iron man Response is i cant’t get any Entity only Intent are get

sorry, I don’t understand what do you mean. If you have 1 intent only, what’s the point of the classifier?

please, could explain me how did you fix the error, I get the same.

You can get intent classifier using rasa NLU at