Can anyone explain it to me easily how to use duckling in rasa for entity extraction?

can anyone explain it to me how to use duckling in rasa for entity extraction?

did you take look at our docs for duckling: Components?

Yes I did…I installed docker then I pulled rasa/duckling then I run duckling in 8000 and it starts to listen but not extracting anything…is I say something like “next week” then with the help of duckling it should change it to a date but in the database didnt store anything at all…as from the slot it takes as “next week” it self

what are the extracted entities for “next week”? maybe duckling extracts it as “next week”

Date…am trying to extract date …when scheduling an appointment if a user says next week or maybe tommorow then wouldn’t duckling change this to a date?

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duckling should definitely be able to extract next week as a date. You can try it out here -

Okay thank you…do I have to specify next week as a time…I think as a date does not work

Right, it should be time dimension.

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okay thank you,have you used the new version of rasa…i have tp change the mapping,form,fallback such thing policies to rule policy…do u know how the rule policy works for all this?