Can any one explain me how i can use the rasa webchat wedge?

i want to use the wedge of rasa webchat and i clone it from github but there is no html page where i can see the bot interface how am i suppose to use it?

Hi @faiza_conte

You would need to create a html page and integrate the webchat with it. Then host the html page in any of the webserver.

You can use Microsoft IIS (Windows OS) or Apache Tomcat.

@siriusraja i create an html page and pasted the code but i dont see the chatbot

Hi @faiza_conte

It looks like you have opened the html page in your browser.

You need to host it in a web server. Refer this link on how to host a website in IIS - How to host a website in IIS7 - CodeProject

Note: You first need to have IIS installed in your machine. If you have’nt, refer this link to install IIS first -

@siriusraja I didnt get you Sorry but what am trying to use is something like a custom chatbot that works in a local machine …am not trying to deploy it I just want to use it in a local machine

I use rasa as a local server
ensure you have the socketio part in your credentials,yml page setup as
user_message_evt: user_uttered
bot_message_evt: bot_uttered
session_persistence: false

Then set your “socketUrl” value in the html page to “http://localhost:5005

I then normally run the following two commands to startup rasa:
rasa run actions
rasa run --enable-api --cors “*”

and then I make use of the “Live Server” extension from Ritwick Dey loaded into Visual code to serve my HTML page.

@OllieOlwage Okay worked for me the url was the problem…here the in rasa chat widget why the old conversation still exists when refreshing the web browser page tho??