Can any one explain how to reduce nlu training time

We have 100k lines of code in file, in which it takes 2 hrs to train. Can we reduce the time of nlu training from 2 hrs to 5 or 10 mins for the same 100k lines?

@Juste Can you please suggest configuration that can help me to reduce NLU training time.


we might be able to help you better if we knew what was in your config.yml file and if we knew more about the task. How many intents/entities do you have?

It should be said; odds are that if you want to speed up the training … you might loose some performance in terms of accuracy.

Ways you can reduce the training time:

  1. Use a lesser value of the max_history parameter. Warning: This may impact performance adversely since the max_history parameter controls the dialogue history your model looks at to decide the next action.
  2. Restricting data augmentation done while training. You can configure it by setting the augmentation flag. refer this for more info.

Reiterating repercussions @koaning stated - It is very likely that the performance of your bot may/will be negatively impacted.

@gaushh Can you further explain there is only one entity for me