Call DLL into RASA Actions file based on user response

I have a DLL file in which there is a method written to perform some actions in the background. Those methods need some parameters also. I need to create a custom action in file which gets 2 values from the user as chatbot response and pass those values to the CS method for which DLL file is create and background task will be performed. Is this doable? If yes, how? How the DLL call can be enabled with the user provided responses?

Hi there @Anamaya and thank you for your question. I don’t think your question is Rasa specific, because you can write any kind of code in, and you don’t even need to write your custom actions in Python, you could use the language of your choice (see the doc for more info).

I found this post on Stackoverflow that explains how to call a DLL function from python, though I must admit I don’t have any experience with doing this :slight_smile: