meetup #14 all about RASA

on October 19th 2018 6pm till 10pm meetup in Köln/Germany is organizing an evening with 3 talks about RASA:

  1. Speaker: Tom Metcalfe, machine learning engineer at Rasa.

Abstract: Conversational AI is already changing the way we perform daily tasks, interact with apps and software. At Rasa, we have developed two open source frameworks - Rasa NLU and Rasa Core, which are open source libraries for building machine learning-based chatbots and voice assistants. In this talk, Tom will talk about the machine learning behind these libraries and will walk you through the process of building clever assistants using Rasa frameworks.

30 minutes + Q&A

  1. Speaker: Dr. Christoph Windheuser, Global Head of Artificial intelligence, ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Use Case done with rasa …

Christoph will talk about how ThoughtWorks has built the chatbot “BALU” to manage vacation requests as an internal research project at Thoughtworks with the RASA.AI framework. Christoph will give some insights on why RASA was chosen, the importance of user design for bot development, how to test a bot, lessons learned during the project and the limits of the technology today. All will be illustrated with a lot of live examples of BALU

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