Botfront Widget is not appearing on webpage over HTTPS

Hi Team, I am using Rasa webchat.As the Botfront Chat Widget not appearing on an HTTPS link when the static webpage is functioning properly over HTTPS? The static page is displaying fine, but the Chat Widget doesn’t seem to appear. Any insights or solutions for integrating the Botfront Chat Widget securely on an HTTPS-enabled webpage would be appreciated.As I need to migrate from ngrok to nginx.

In my experience with the Botfront widget, it doesn’t appear because my Rasa socket endpoint isn’t up or accessible. Have you tested the endpoint with Postman or something like that to make sure it is available.

Hi @stephens I’m currently unsure about the status of the Rasa socket endpoint. Could you please assist me in checking its availability? I just enabled socketio in the credentials.yml file.

I’m not familiar with the process of checking the endpoint using Postman. I will attach the docker files

When I use Docker Compose up to bring up the containers, the Botfront widget is visible when accessing http://<ip_address>:7739/chatbot.html. However, it does not appear when trying to access https://<ip_address>:443/chatbot.html.

As i need to integrate the chatbot with MSTeams using nginx but when I switched from ngrok to nginx how to replace the messaging endpoint in bot framework