Bot Unanswered Questions

Hi. How captured bot unanswered questions and retrain?. Currently i used fallback policy and set default message. i need to capture that unanswered questions . Any way please suggest to me.

You can log the conversation into a tracker store and analyse them later.

yes, log is configured and able to see that conversations. but i need to capture only the unanswered questions and i want to retrain. example MySQL database need to store that unanswered questions. custom action how to deal this scenario …

I’m not sure if you can do that directly from RASA. You could write a script to extract what you need and train it?

Hi, I am came across with this issue. please help me from this. kindly share me the idea


In RasaX, you can flag the messages to review them later.

Yea, check out RasaX. You can review the errors and make corrections. RasaX


I have tried this flag option. In my case, I have 1000 of unanswered questions means, this flag option will not help. and more over, if i know the intent particularly means i can make a flag option. if i dont know the particular word or something means, what i have to do.


Hi ,

We also have a similar requirement in our project. Where we need to log only unresolved intents/questions in to database or a tracker.

We have implemented 2 stage fallback policy and when it comes to the second stage. It should send a default message as well as store the captured intent in to a database. Could you please help with the following ?

  1. How to capture the specific faq/intent which is unresolved?
  2. How to store it in to a database/tracker file ?

Thanks, Anirudh