Bot Thinking Indicator

I want to have Bot thinking indicator (Similar to typing in Messaging) when bot is taking more time to respond. I want to have animated three dots when Bot is taking long time to respond , say above 500 ms. The indicator should be just above the input text box. Once after the response is displayed, the indicator animation should be cleared from the screen.

My actions includes FormAction, DelayedAction. Can that functionality be implemented in RASA?. If so, how do we do that ?

Hey @nikhilkapavarapu you can implement that in your channel I mean the bot’s front end.

Hi @JiteshGaikwad…Thanks for the reply… I really doubt do we need to have any changes in the backend…I mean in the actions file(Python Code). If at all if any changes needs to be done in Actions file, is it like defining a flag value and then in UI, we use that flag value and turn on the indicator.

You mean to say this functionality can be implemented directly in the front end ?

hey @nikhilkapavarapu, you need to implemented directly in the front end. For your reference, you can check it out here, its been implemented in the form of a ascii spinner:

Hey Jitesh your above github page is giving 404 error . Is here any other sources are there then please let me know.

@SaswatRanjanPurohit, you can use the below link:

@JiteshGaikwad can you help me out how to implement the bot thinking indicator. We are calling the url exposed by rasa from UI . For ui we are using angular.