Bot is working fine but on heavy load it logs - Couldn't connect to the server at 'http://app:5055/webhook'. Is the server running?

on heavy traffic bot goes very slow and there is error logs against some messages while some messages processed successfully.

action server is running on 5055 and bot is working fine if i restart the rasa profile but on heavy load i am facing these logs and action server still running

and sometime there are some logs in action server - [Exception occurred while handling uri: unknown NoneType: None]

we are using http://botUri:5002/core/webhooks/rest/webhook [Rasa version is 1.10.20]

– i am using a global array in my file to manage the customer data based on tracker.sender_id so there is some memory issues in action server or any other problem?

I’d run mutiple instances of your action server than with a loadbalancer in front of them (e.g. via Kubernetes)

thanks @Tobias_Wochinger for your help and sorry for too late - i will try it can i set replica in app service (for action server)