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i have 115 intents for Faqbot. some of the intents simply goes in fallback

config.yml (710 Bytes)

Hi there @ravikrcs, if you want help, you’ll have to provide more information – sounds like maybe you have too many intents that maybe should be merged and differentiated by entities rather than separate intents.

i am building simple faqbot containing question and answer. 115 intents in and one by one stories for all intents.

some of the intents fall in rasa core fallback

Right and are they falling back due to low intent confidence though?

NO, not due to intent confidence. it is high whenever i check in rasa x

Are all your actions/utters listed in you domain.yml? This sounds like a common issue we run into once in a while. We forget to list the new utters/intents in the domain.yml which causes a “No Action” in the logs.

all intents and utters are listed in domain.yml file

Now by using this config.yml it improves much more and now 2 to 3 intent goes in fallback

config.yml (700 Bytes)

If your stories are formatted as a single story for each intent (no stories with multiple turn interactions) you should try out the AugementedMemoizatonPolicy instead of the MemoizationPolicy, which will essentially glue your different stories together to handle different paths jumping from one story to another.

thanks, i will try

How to mention AugementedMemoizatonPolicy in config.yml

Just replace MemoizationPolicy with AugmentedMemoizationPolicy :slight_smile:

ok, Thank You