Auto slot filling depending on the intent

Hey there, It has been a while! Let’s say I’ve two intents “inform” and “explain” and one slot “severity”. In my use case, both mentioned intents could carry the entity “severity”:


  • explain
  • inform


  • severity


  • severity: type: unfeaturized

Is it possible in the domain.yml file to add an argument to specify auto slot filling only for the intent “inform” and not “explain” ? E.g:

inform{“severity”:“mild”} -> slot severity = Mild

explain{“severity”:“mild”} -> slot severity = None

Or should I implement a custom action depending on the intent ?



It is not possible to specify it in the domain right now

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Hey @asokolow. Have you found a solution to this problem? I’m trying to do the same thing but have not found any reasonable implementation.

Even I am looking for the same. @Rasa @Juste please help with this

it is still not possible to set it up in the domain. You can use custom action for this