Auto-reload server

It seems there is a new feature --auto-reload that If enabled, modules containing actions will be reloaded when an HTTP request is received.

Is there a feature that does the same for the newly trained models, without needing to restart the rasa server?

Hi @teresalazar13. I believe you are referring to this reload functionality when the actions file changes.

There is not a feature for hot reloading the rasa server. Maybe you could create a feature request here and describe how you would want / expect it to work in more detail?

What would be the complete command to activate the subclasses to do the reload? –auto-reload Enable auto-reloading of modules containing Action subclasses. (default: False)

You can auto-reload the Rasa model!

There are a few possibilities: you can use a Restful endpoint URL or e.g. Amazon S3. As soon as you update the model, the Rasa server will automatically download it. There is also a configuration option about the poll intervall that you can set when you start Rasa, so it will not spam your logs unnecessarily.

See here:

If you really want a zero downtime deployment though, you need at least 2 running Rasa servers and a load-balancer in-between, as even with the auto-loading of the model, there will be a short time, until the new model is activated.