AttributeError: 'Tracker' object has no attribute 'travel_back_in_time'


Whenever I try using a tracker attribute I get an error message similar to the one in the title. This i the code giving me the current error mentioned in the title.

for e in reversed(

      if e["event"] == "user":
            if "again" not in e["text"]:
                timestamp = e["timestamp"]
                tracker.latest_message['text'] = e["text"]

It’s probably just some thing stupid but I just can’t get it to to work.

Thanks in advance!

What version of Rasa are you using?


Hmm. Weird! Could you double-check that the pip version you’re using to check the version is the same as the Python version you’re running?

I’m running pip3 19.2 and Python 3.7, my pip version is compatible with python 3.7 so that should not be the problem.

What else?

I’m experiencing the same behavior.


causes: AttributeError: ‘Tracker’ object has no attribute ‘_reset’

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m using Rasa 1.1.8