AttributeError : object has no attribute 'core_endpoint'


I am getting error on using this in my custom action code :-

def tracker_json(self,sender_id): # type: Optional[int]

   #Retrieve a tracker's json representation from remote instance.

     url = "/conversations/{}/tracker?token=rasabot".format(
     result = self.core_endpoint.request(subpath=url,
     return result.json()

How to use rasacoreclient like defined in the master branch -

@souvikg10?? do u have any idea regarding this?

what is your error? and what are you trying to achieve?

i guess i have mentioned error as the topic and here i am trying to extract current state of the conversation i.e the json response of a user using sender id

yes, but i need the context for the error, so please post the full stacktrace


How can I initialise remote(rasa_core/ object in rasa_core?I want to invoke tracker_json method to get current state of conversation in json format. It seems remote object needs core_endpoint which is of type EndpointConfig. I don’t have any clue how to initialise remote object and get this tracker_json invoked.

here is the ss of the error