Alternatives of templete message

I’m not a fan of a template-based response system when you are building a powerful chatbot. Is there any alternatives of rasa templates where the bot responds back with a differently structured response each time the user talk with it. could you please what and how to do so @Juste @amn41 @akelad any link to related articles or Github repo will be appreciated

Hi @capgos17 ! we don’t have any alternatives to templates implemented currently, but I know of at least one community member who has implemented some more advanced NLG. You can provide your own NLG endpoint to do this, check out this file rasa/ at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

hey @amn41 thanks for responce If I want to respond the user with differently structured templete messages of same meaning, how can I do that?

these you can include in the domain Domains