All the entities are not extracted for certain sentences

Hello, I am looking to extract entities and the relevant confidence levels, although I can extract entity and confidence levels from most of the sentences, I cannot extract the the entity details from some. Can anyone please highlight any specific reason behind this? I have around 350 examples with 170 entities. Thanks in advance.

Is that different entity types or different entity values? I would assume you don’t have enough exampels for the ones that aren’t getting extracted

I am talking about entity values (not types). Yes for a few of them the examples are not many but for others there are sufficient examples. Even some having lesser examples are extracted but some with more examples are not. I have another question where I am looking for the reason why confidence levels of certain entities (same entity value) are less (for the same intent but different question). Thank you for the response.

it’d help if you could post your training data. General reasons is that you don’t have enough sentence structures in your data for example. Some entities are also harder to extract in general, like names, since they have no real pattern in them