Alexa Skill with RASA X

Hi everyone, I’m new to the Rasa community but I’m really enjoying the framework … have had a surprisingly good experience with Rasa open source but a bit more arduous one with Rasa X !!

I have been able to connect an Alexa skill with Rasa X (using docker-compose method on server), store and monitor the conversations on UI. But my deployment (at least for the custom Alexa channel) is incorrect since I see all conversations coming from different users invoking the Alexa skill under the same conversation on the Rasa X UI.

So how do I deploy my chatbot to handle multiple User invocations (specifically for the custom Alexa channel) at the same time, while creating separate conversations on the Rasa X UI ? Any help would greatly appreciated…Thanks !

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Any suggestions or ideas on how to create a new session/conversation tab for every user invocation from a custom channel ?

Posting the solution in case someone has a similar issue… in, while calling the Rasa open source add a “sender_id” parameter.

In case of Alexa custom connector use the session-id values from the request

sessionId = payload[“session”][“sessionId”]

await on_new_message(UserMessage(text, out, input_channel=input_channel, sender_id=sessionId))