Advanced date extraction

Hi, so far I’ve worked with Duckling to extract (german) dates, but recently several issues occurred. So on the one hand the strict rule-based behaviour let to the extraction of wrong dates from common words, that may or may not have a temporal (or at least not to specify a date in this -) context.

But the more severe issue is, that Duckling extracts the same date from these two sentences:

  1. I’ve been to Berlin in may.
  2. I’ll visit Berlin in may.

which will both result in the date set to May 2020 (of today). Of course I know that Duckling doesnt take the temporal forms of the verbs into account, but are there methods to do that within the Rasa framework? Anyone dealt with these issues? And if not, any hints how one could implement something like this.

Hi @IgNoRaNt23! I have not dealt with these issues myself, and as you know, the NLU component we support out of the box for temporal information extraction is duckling.

I think you might want to look into building your own custom NLU component (docs and tutorial). If you go this route, it might be something you would want to consider making open source.

Here are some links that might be helpful: