Adding Spell Checker as a custom graph component


I am wondering if is still possible to include a spell checker as a custom graph component in the latest Rasa version (3.2.0). From my researches it seems that in Rasa 2.x this was possible, but right now I don t know how I should register the component. By register I am referring to @DefaultV1Recipe.register() – only 7 component types are available and none of them seems proper for a Spell Checker.

Thanks in advance, Bogdan

You’ll find the docs here.

This not answer my question. I know where the documentation is :slight_smile:

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You could add it as a feature to the white space tokenizer.

I am using SpaCy Tokenizer… that means that I have to copy the baseline code of the Rasa library and modify the way SpaCy Tokenizer works. I did that… all good, but did not seems for me like a good solution