Adding any API call of state of art models in RASA Pipeline

How to add any api call or library usage in RASA Pipeline

Example: BERT embeddings (API CALL) to be included in my pipeline.


Hi Sandeep, welcome to the forum.

We posted a new blog post and associated pipeline using ConveRT that you might find interesting. We compared ConveRT and BERT, using both as feature extractors, and used the same architecture for intent classification on top. Across both datasets, ConveRT gives an improvement of 5-8 points over BERT when testing the F1 score.

Our docs have information on custom pipelines with details on the existing components and how to create custom NLU components if you want to create your own component.

lets say i want to add this library . There are some packages like spacy or tokenizers already present in Rasa NLU Package.

When i want to use this package for RASA . pip install finbert-embedding==0.1.4

What all steps should i enforce to use this package which is not already defined in RASA (lib/packages/rasa).