Actions repeatedly triggered,Slow running speed

When I trigger an intention, it triggers an ACTION three times, causing it to run slowly. nlu:

- regex: user_input_name
  examples: |
    - (?<=查)[a-zA-Z0-9\u4e00-\u9fa5]{2,5}(?=的)

- intent: info_input_name
  examples: |
    - 请帮我查[张三](user_input_name)的性别
    - 帮我查[张三](user_input_name)的性别
    - 查[张三](user_input_name)的性别
    - 我想查[张三](user_input_name)的性别


  - text: "{user_input_name}的性别是{db_get_sex}"


  # name: 
  #   type: text
  #   mappings: 
  #   - type: custom
  #     action: action_testName

    type: text
    influence_conversation: false  
    - type: from_entity
      entity: user_input_name

    type: text
    - type: custom
      action: action_getSexByName


- rule: avtivate user_input_name form
  - intent: info_input_name
  - action: name_form
  - action: action_getSexByName
  - action: utter_output_name

You’re rule doesn’t look correct. If you’re using a form, follow the best practices for using forms as shown on the docs page here.

There should be separare rules for entering and completing the form as it shows there.

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Thank you. I tried to write the correct rule, but the action still fires three times, and I see it print slot three times in the console. However, I deleted the relevant rule without any effect on the results.Is the problem caused by me not being trained on Actions

I don’t have enough information to answer your question. Attach the debug log and a link to your github repo and I will take a look.

I’m sorry, it may take me two days to upload the code to github, because I can’t control that computer these days.

I uploaded the relevant yml files to Github. Shy280/RasasDemo ( I modified the Rule, but it still runs three times

Hello, It seems like you’re calling action_getSexByName three times: once in slot mappings, then twice in your rule. To prevent the action from running multiple times, remove it from slot mappings and the rule, and only call it once within the name_form using the FormAction class, which will execute it in a controlled manner.

Thanks,I’ll try it.

Sorry, I tried deleting rules and slots. Action does only run once, but the first time Action cannot obtain the value of slot. I don’t know how to use FormAction, detailed operation not found in the document This is my project file:GitHub

I couldn’t find FormAction in rasa_sdk.form