Access slot value in custom pipeline? (to create a overall conversation sentiment score)

I implemented a sentiment analyzer in the pipeline. Now I wanted to get an overall conversation sentiment score and I was wondering if it is possible to access a slot value from a custom pipeline component?

It think it would be possible to use a custom action to do this, but as I see it I would have to call this action every time the user utters something. While the pipeline is already executed every time a user types a message.

Any tips?

Found a kind of solution, by passing the tracker to the nlu, editing the rasa code files.

what do you mean access the slots values? Currently rasa_nlu and core are independent

I wanted to keep track of my overall sentiment, so for every user utterance there is a sentiment label, which can be positive, negative or neutral.

Then there would be a overall sentiment score, which increases 1 if this is positive, en decreases 1 if the label is negative. But to keep track of this score, I had to store the value somewhere: rasa solution is a slot.

So I have manipulated the rasa code to be able to get the tracker information inside my nlu pipeline.

in this case, I think modifying rasa is the way