Accepting user responses as a sentence with no intent

I am creating a bot to accept user responses on their spending pattern and then displaying it back as insights. I can’t seem to find a way to create something like ,

User : I want to store some data Bot : sure, go ahead User : I spent 100 on grocery today at 4pm Bot : cool , stored it

Now the query is, how do I do it without classifying intent of any of the numbers/words on the sentence. I understand in the example I gave, it’s easy to classify it as intent by mentioning “I spent” and storing amount and category as slots.

But I want to know if I can accept the entire sentence on its own from actions(or some other feature) with no classification.

One more example:

If user says “Hey”, the model shouldn’t classify under “greet” and choose a story path , just during this step and blindly just accept the response.

Thanks in advance


Can you please explain why would you not want to put the utterance I spent 100 on grocery today at 4 PM under an intent? Intents are a great way to break down natural language into structured information which can then be used by a dialogue manager to trigger the next action for the assistant. Having said that there are definitely instances where intents are limiting and we have a feature called end to end learning to bypass them. However, the feature is extremely experimental at this point and we are working on making it stable. So, until and unless you are convinced that an utterance cannot fit an intent, I wouldn’t suggest trying out end to end learning when building an assistant for production. If you would like to play around with end-to-end learning, please go ahead and let us know your feedback. :slight_smile: